Sentence Examples with the word tender

The country was still labouring under the curse of an inconvertible currency originatingwith the Legal Tender Act res - paperY g dncy.

He is charged with being, under these orders, the only governor-general who diminished the area of British territory, and with violating engagements by abandoning the Rajput chiefs to the tender mercies of Holkar and Sindhia.

A bill went through both Houses of Congress providing that a silver dollar should be coined of the weight of 4122 grains, to be full legal tender for all debts and dues, public and private, except where otherwise expressly stipulated in the contract.

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Sorrow, it seems, is our common lot, my dear, tender friend Julie.

Many beautiful Nymphaea hybrids have been raised between the tender and hardy varieties of different colours, and there are now in commerce lovely forms having not only white, but also yellow, rose, pink and carmine flowers.

He was a shepherd, or perhaps a sheep-breeder, but combined this occupation with that of a tender of sycomore figs.

He was unusually tender and kind to me, and for a brief space the shadow lifted.

They feed chiefly on grass, but also on moss, lichens and tender shoots of the willow and pine.

Matthew's little fingers pressed on her tender breasts, creating a new sensation.

Pot off tender annuals, and cuttings of half-hardy greenhouse plants put in during February to get them well established for use in the flower garden.