Sentence Examples with the word tenacious

His conservatism was most apparent in his antipathy to socialistic doctrines and his tenacious regard for the claims of property.

Such in mere outline is the celebrated theory of vortices, which for about twenty years after its promulgation reigned supreme in science, and for much longer time opposed a tenacious resistance to rival doctrines.

For building purposes stones were got out, dressed, carved and sculptured with stone hammers and chisels made of hard and tenacious rock.

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Until the accession to power of President Barclay in 1904 (he was re-elected in 1907), the AmericoLiberian government on the coast had very uncertain relations with the indigenous population, which is well armed and tenacious of local independence.

In the wild state its colours do not differ from those of a Crucian carp, and like that fish it is tenacious of life and easily domesticated.

The battle, carried on on both sides with tenacious endurance, ended in 191 r with the victory of Aehrenthal and the resignation of HOtzendorf.

Wellington's was a collection of many nationalities; the kernel being composed of his trusty and tenacious British and King's German Legion troops, numbering only 42,000 men.

In the Arctic and Pacific coast provinces, about Lake Superior, in Virginia and North Carolina, as well as in ruder parts of Mexico and South America, metals were cold-hammered into plates, weapons, rods and wire, ground and polished, fashioned into carved blocks of hard, tenacious stone by pressure or blow, overlaid, cold-welded and plated.

But Urraca was tenacious of her right as proprietary queen and had not learnt chastity in the polygamous household of her father.

It is the most tenacious of all the ductile metals at ordinary temperatures with the exception of cobalt and nickel; it becomes brittle, however, at the temperature of liquid air.