Sentence Examples with the word tempestuous

The tempestuous politics of the war and reconstruction period suited his aggressive nature and constructive talent.

Poor Lazarus there, chattering his teeth against the curbstone for his pillow, and shaking off his tatters with his shiverings, he might plug up both ears with rags, and put a corn-cob into his mouth, and yet that would not keep out the tempestuous Euroclydon.

In tempestuous times like these, after everything above and aloft has been secured, nothing more can be done but passively to await the issue of the gale.

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It often accompanies a ship for days - not merely following it, but wheeling in wide circles round it - without ever being observed to alight on the water, and continues its flight, apparently untired, in tempestuous as well as in moderate weather.

But the growth and development of the northern communal movement, though strong and instinct with life, was slower and less tempestuous than the Flemish.

After reaching manhood, he passed through the tempestuous period between the death of Theodosius (395) and the fall bf the usurper Attalus, which occurred near the date when his poem was written.

But when at the very last extremity through famine, a tempestuous flood enabled the vessels of Orange to reach Leiden, and the investing force was driven to retreat (October 3, 1 574).

I looked with sympathetic awe and fearfulness upon the man, who in mid-winter just landed from a four years' dangerous voyage, could so unrestingly push off again for still another tempestuous term.

In contrast to the struggle for an ideal freedom, which was at first hailed with tempestuous delight only to reveal itself as a dangerous tyranny, men became conscious of the need for a firmly established authority in the reconstruction of society.

This is expressed on the Horologium of Andronicus Cyrrhestes, called the Temple or Tower of the Winds, at Athens, where Boreas is represented as a bearded man of stern aspect, thickly clad, and wearing strong buskins; he blows into a conch shell, which he holds in his hand as a sign of his tempestuous character.