Sentence Examples with the word telephone call

The fee charged for the use of public telephone call offices is 2d.

Later she received a telephone call from the Norfolk Police Department, but it only confirmed what Officer McCarthy had already told her.

The original telephone call had come on April sixth.

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When she heard strange noises in the night, a simple nudge would replace the telephone call she was too ashamed to make.

Still, if that were the case, she need not have brought up the telephone call at the table.

Dean brought Fred up to date on not only the telephone call to his wife, but his meeting with Weller and his speculation that Cynthia might have seen Donnie Ryland near the accident scene.

Apparently his mood had been inspired by the telephone call she made to Connie a few nights ago.

Randy had been told before school about the telephone call from Norfolk and she had dismissed his offer to fly down with her.