Sentence Examples with the word teens

At present few persons beyond their teens would care to read it through, so unnatural and stilted is its language, so thin its material and so consciously mediated its sentiment.

Jonathan was poised to enter his teens in style and a deformed left arm wasn't going to hold him back.

With two teens in the house, no part of her apartment was neat or orderly.

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Alex did the same and they came together awkwardly, like teens at their first dance.

Silently, he acknowledged that he was a fool to lower his guard around the teens and their cousin, to the point he recognized Ashley the first time he saw her but didn't check her mind.

The temperature was in the high teens but as the sun began its ascent it felt far warmer.

A lanky boy in his late teens stood beside the bed.

The teens entertained him, but he really wanted some more time to work on Jessi.

Tears forming, Jessi sank into her couch, eyes on the photo of her and the two teens she was supposed to be taking care of.