Sentence Examples with the word teenager

Darian-- who was older than everyone but Jule-- was going through what Sofia called a teenager phase as he struggled to re-establish his identity after thousands of years as a brainwashed slave.

We almost passed up the case, thinking it was yet another teenager leaving home on her own.

The moody teenager was back.

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As the brother charged with watching over Darian, Dusty had been responsible for keeping the Grey God from killing himself and others during his angry teenager stage.

I always thought they had a pretty solid marriage, especially with Claire, but she's acting as crazy as a teenager and just watching her marriage crumble.

She'd watched him go from a near-comatose state, through his teenager stage that nearly drove them all mad, to the gym-obsessed warrior trying to understand his place in the world.

Impressed, Dusty wondered if Darian was beginning to grow out of his insolent teenager stage.

They are close to being equal, with the exception that Jonny is a teenager and can't control his power yet.

Dusty couldn't help but wonder how he'd gotten stuck with a pregnant Oracle and an equally moody teenager with godlike powers and no ability to control them.

Xander hadn't survived multiple wars and White Gods tracking him, only to let a teenager fuck him over.