Sentence Examples with the word teenage

I wanted to ask Billy about teenage partying.

She was used to the teenage fits of temperament after spending the summer with her newly turned twenty-year-old brother.

It's hard to judge a guy by teenage love letters.

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Jenn tried not to smile, recalling how frazzled the normally cold, organized assassin had been for months as he tried to juggle fighting the Black God with a teenage god.

Frankie Lloyd Cummings was a fifty year old drifter who killed teenage runaways.

Or maybe the type of apprehensive awe a teenage girl gave her idol.

He highlighted some of the teenage antidrug and alcohol programs he'd worked with over the years.

Uncertain but determined, he strode to the teenage girl and snatched her arm.

Irritated with the two teenage cousins for whom she was an appointed guardian, she left the apartment to recover the rest of the bags.

You're saying that, instead of treating him like I do my teenage cousins, I should pretend I'm dealing with a five-year-old who's convinced his stick figure drawing is a masterpiece.