Sentence Examples with the word teen

The death dealer tossed the teen demoness through a yellow portal, onto the mortal plane rather than into Hell.

She rifled through Ashley's backpack, aware the teen never went anywhere overnight without three pairs of shoes.

He was skilled at deftly combining mecha combat, martial arts, international criminal intrigue, high-school politics and a dash of teen romance.

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From what she had read and gleaned from conversations with mothers of teen boys, Jonathan was typical for his age.

She hugged the girl and fluttered kisses across her features, until the teen protested loudly enough for Xander to hear.

The moody teen sighed but obediently left the kitchen and sat on the couch.

Wynn stood with a slender teen demoness, half of whose face was knotted with thick scars.

Praying he didn't take it out on Ashley, Jessi cursed the teen silently for taking her phone.

Harmony stared at her then at the teen girl.

She couldn't bear the thought of him returning to the troubled teen he'd been and tried to think of something to say to straddle the line between mothering him and letting him be his own person.