Sentence Examples with the word teeming

The farmers market was teeming with the locals and makeshift booths lining a cordoned off section of the beach town nearby.

Indeed, in the closing years of his life he produced some of his finest paintings, in which he set down with admirable truth the peculiar atmosphere and colour and teeming life of the boulevards, streets and bridges of Paris and Rouen.

The compound hummed with activity, from the gardens that served as a helipad to the teeming barracks and Guardians pacing the halIs.

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As if sensing she was some poor tourist, he dropped her off at a youth hostel located above a bar already teeming with people.

She followed on Jenn's heels through the silent mansion and into a bustling barracks teeming with Guardians.

Two lifted her and carried her into a hallway teeming with vamps.

A letter like this, clear cut in its thought, teeming with ideas emanating from an unique religious experience, and admirably adjusted to known situations, bears on the face of it the marks of genuineness even without recourse to the unusually excellent external attestation.

The vamps were jittery enough, with the foyer teeming with young vampires who seemed both eager to do something about the excitement and uncertain what.

When that disaster fell upon the country it found a teeming population fiercely competing for a very narrow margin of subsistence; and so widespread and devastating were its effects that between 1847 and 1852 over 1,200,000 of the Irish people emigrated to other lands.

Lake Xochimilco contains powerful springs, but away from them the water appears dark and muddy, full of suspended fresh and decomposing vegetable matter, teeming with fish, larvae of insects, Daphniae, worms and axolotl.