Sentence Examples with the word technological

The technological imperatives we were subjected to were few and far between.

Many technological problems I don't address in this book, but I believe technology will provide solutions for those also.

Although the pace of technological change has quickened, in the future it will become astonishingly faster because the amount of data we can access and our ability to transform data into knowledge will catch up with each other.

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As we envision a world where machines do more and more work that people used to do, our minds naturally turn to those who would be displaced by technological advance.

The Brains also brought technological advancement that-- A massive man passed her in the hall, and she stopped mid-thought to stare at him as he walked away.

Or astounding technological breakthroughs that have no precedent in reality.

We have established that outsourcing, free trade, and technological advance all have the same effect on the system: They lower prices and increase net wealth.

The report also cited a mid-1950s report that found 85 percent of economic growth was attributed to technological change in the period 1890 to 1950.

The wealth created by technological advance will grow as fast as technology grows.

If the answers to those questions are affirmative, then making assumptions about increasing rates of technological progress is very reasonable.