Sentence Examples with the word teased

Katie teased Carmen privately, saying that the honeymoon was over, and Lori asked what they were fighting about.

Then he set down the iPad, reminded of how often past-Deidre teased him by taking other assassins to her bed.

The feel of his warm skin against hers thawed her resistance, teased her with the image of his naked body against hers.

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She'd teased and flirted with him, adventurous one minute and submissive the next in a way that made him burn hotter for her.

You and Dusty better catch up, Damian teased his brother's mate.

Deidre fought him for a taste, a kiss, soon breathing hard from effort as he grappled with her, teased her with nips and kisses, and dribbled single drops of blood over her lips.

He teased and nipped, his kiss deep enough to rob her of any resistance yet light enough that she raised onto her tiptoes to taste more of him.

The way he touched, teased and made love to her showed her his capacity for depth of emotion and the type of tenderness she didn't expect from a vampire.

By means of the calamistrum the silk secreted by the cribellum is teased into a fine thread which is twisted round the main threads of the web, giving it a very characteristic woolly or flocculent appearance.

She teased us further by announcing Howie had moved east and rented a small apartment in nearby Boston.