Sentence Examples with the word tears

She should feel something for the baby, something for Alex as he gazed down at her with tears coursing down his cheeks.

Their hands met; their eyes fastened; Starbuck's tears the glue.

It is a sad story, but if you will try to restrain your tears I will tell you about it.

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The beekeeper closes the hive, chalks a mark on it, and when he has time tears out its contents and burns it clean.

Sand was rough against her cheek, and she blinked back tears and darkness.

Sobs welled up in her throat, forcing streams of tears from her eyes.

Molly said as tears flowed.

That brought tears of joy to Lori's eyes.

Carmen swallowed a lump in her throat and blinked tears from her eyes.

She sang directly to Sarah and the tears started to flow quickly.