Sentence Examples with the word tasting

With a groan, Deidre leaned into him, tasting and feeling his arousal.

She groaned at tasting him; he was as sweetly spicy as he smelled.

She was surprised to find the idea of tasting him didn't repulse her, as if the intimate bond with him was natural.

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She dropped her rifle and cupped a hand over her mouth as a rush of sour tasting liquid scalded her throat.

In 1819, the same house fitted out a discovery whale ship of their own, to go on a tasting cruise to the remote waters of Japan.

She lapped once with the tip of her tongue, tasting both the metallic, spicy blood and her tears.

He kissed her gently, tasting her, savoring her.

Finn came to the conclusion that young birds have no instinctive knowledge of the unpalatability of distasteful insects, but that experimental tasting soon teaches them to recognize and avoid species they have previously rejected with dislike, and that having once learnt the lesson they long remember it.

She met his aggression with her own, nibbling his lower lip, tasting him.

Jackson moved closer, inhaling deeply, while bitter tasting saliva collected in his mouth.