Sentence Examples with the word tarry

George Croly's Salathiel, which appeared anonymously in 1828, gave a highly elaborate turn to the legend; this has been re-published under the title Tarry Thou Till I Come.

The product obtained after burning is known either as kelp or varec. Another method of obtaining kelp is to heat the seaweed in large retorts, whereby tarry and ammoniacal liquors pass over and a very porous residue of kelp remains.

Betty-Boop or whatever your name is, if you tarry much longer I may be forced to introduce myself, though taking you, at least at this time, would cause a mild alteration to my carefully formulated plans.

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Not many small towns so I'll keep rolling and not tarry here.

Prior to 1830, little was known of the process other than that organic compounds generally yielded tarry and solid matters, but the discoveries of Liebig and Dumas (of acetone from acetates), of Mitscherlich (of benzene from benzoates) and of Persoz (of methane from acetates and lime) brought the operation into common laboratory practice.

Then coming to a place called Gethsemane, He bade the disciples wait while He should pray; and taking the three who had been with Him at the Transfiguration He told them to tarry near Him and to watch.