Sentence Examples with the word tarantula

These spiders are very much larger and more venomous than the largest of the Lycosidae, and in the Southern states of North America the species of wasps that destroy them have been called tarantula hawks.

Among the venomous reptiles and insects are the rattlesnake, the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum), a poisonous lizard, and the tarantula (Mygale Heintzii), which, however, are common only in certain places and at certain seasons.

In recent times the term tarantula has been applied indiscriminately to many different kinds of large spiders in no way related to Lycosa tarantula; and to at least one Arachnid belonging to a distinct order.

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The Qatwali warriors had looked her over in full light, as if to ensure she was no threat, then dismissed her with a look that said she ranked lower than the tarantula cat clinging to one wall.

The tarantula cat was sucking up dirt and dust from the kitchen corners.

Trap-door nests are made by spiders belonging to two widely different groups, namely the Lycosidae or wolf-spiders, to which the true tarantula belongs, and the Mygalomorphae, containing the species which construct the best-known types of this style of burrow.

She rifled gingerly through the boxes, afraid of uncovering a stash of tarantula cats.

Evelyn removed the obstacle from the door and snagged the tarantula cat as it darted past her.

Large toads and frogs are common, as are scorpions, tarantula spiders, butterflies, hornets and stinging ants.

The tarantula (see below), inhabits the neighbourhood of Taranto.