Sentence Examples with the word tapped

If any dreams disturbed his much-needed slumber, he had no recollection of them when Fred tapped on his door telling him to rise and shine.

She tapped her earpiece, listened intently, and responded with a few words.

Cassie tapped her boot toe against the footrest and shifted restlessly in the seat while the men exchanged greetings.

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He tapped his finger on the paper.

Below the surface is tapped and pumped by electricity generated from the only surface water of the region, Camas Creek.

Be feared that immature trees are often tapped and their latex mixed with that of older trees before coagulation, thus forming.

Just then the last chords of the overture were heard and the conductor tapped with his stick.

Novorossiysk is connected by a branch railway to Tikhoryetskaya (169 m.) with the main Caucasian line, which crosses the Volga near Tsaritsyn, and has become an important centre for the export of corn, and since the petroleum wells of Groznyi in northern Caucasia were tapped it has become an entrepot for the export of petroleum.

A tall young man tapped his shoulder and Alex surrendered her to the second dance of the evening.

Rain drops tapped on the window lightly at first, and then drummed on the roof angrily.