Sentence Examples with the word tape

Coal and ironstone are mined; there are iron-works, and bricks, hats, ribbons and tape and silk are made.

More of the red tape of running a lodging establishment.

When Friday arrived, we were a pensive clutch as we clustered in the Leblanc living room after I'd played the tape of Merrill Cooms' offer.

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The tails when split into two or three, with small strips of narrow tape so as to separate the otherwise dense fur, formerly made very handsome sets of trimmings, ties and muffs, and the probabilities are, as with other fashions, such use will have its period of revival.

In the county town and neighbourhood are several important chemical and colour works; and in various parts of the county, as at Belper, Cromford, Matlock, Tutbury, are cottonspinning mills, as well as hosiery and tape manufactories.

This received perforated tape is then used to control what is known as the printer or automatic typewriter, a machine that translates the tape perforations into letters and prints the messages in Roman type in page form.

Dan pulled the tape from her mouth, and the first words out were curses.

The tape recording is a verbal excerpt from the play.

The messages in the form of perforated tape are then passed through an automatic transmitter, something like a Wheatstone transmitter, at a speed of about 100 words a minute.

In its revolution one of its cams engages with the correcting wheel attached to the type-wheel in order to ensure that the latter is in the correct position for printing a complete letter; the second cam lifts the paper against the type-wheel and prints the letter; the third moves forward the paper tape one space to be ready for the printing of the next letter; and the last cam replaces the armature on the cores of the electromagnet.