Sentence Examples with the word tangible

The characters were as tangible as all of us standing in this room.

Its people, scenery, manners, joys, tragedies should be living, tangible interpreters of the real world.

With the theft of dinky pinkie digit from Cynthia's jewelry case, the only tangible proof of an actual body having existed remained in the minds of David and Cynthia Dean, and possibly Martha Boyd.

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At last, a tangible lead.

Not a day passes that she does not learn many new words, nor are these merely the names of tangible and sensible objects.

His form of expression is tangible and concrete :: his system is constructed on a clearly conceived plan and stands on a high moral level; for its time it was a great advance in civilization.

As autocratic ruler of the nation which had long considered itself the defender of the Eastern Orthodox faith and the protector of the Slav nationalities, he could not remain inactive at such a crisis, and he gradually allowed himself to drift into a position from which he could not retreat without obtaining some tangible result.

The Bjorkti intrigue evaporated without leaving any tangible result, and the historic rapprochement between Great Britain, France and Russia took its course.

No tangible traces of Og and his people, or even of their Israelite supplanters, have yet been found.

The theoretical availability of heat is limited only by our power of bringing those particles whose motions constitute heat in bodies to rest relatively to one another; and we have precisely similar practical limits to the availability of the energy due to the motion of visible and tangible bodies, though theoretically we can then trace all the stages.