Sentence Examples with the word taney

In this speech, delivered in the state House of Representatives, Lincoln charged Pierce, Buchanan, Taney and Douglas with conspiracy to secure the Dred Scott decision.

Frederick is the seat of the Maryland school for the deaf and dumb and of the Woman's College of Frederick (1893; formerly the Frederick Female Seminary, opened in 1843), which in 1907-1908 had 212 students, 121 of whom were in the Conservatory of Music. Francis Scott Key and Roger Brooke Taney were buried here, and a beautiful monument erected to the memory of Key stands at the entrance to Mount Olivet cemetery.

ROGER BROOKE TANEY (1777-1864), American jurist, was born in Calvert county, Maryland, on the 17th of March 1777, of Roman Catholic parentage.

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Story (a replica of the one in London), Roger Brooke Taney by W.

An authoritative biography is Samuel Tyler's Memoir of Roger Brooke Taney (Baltimore, 1872).