Sentence Examples with the word tamed

It inhabits the mountainous regions of India, is readily tamed and is the bear usually exhibited by the Hindu jugglers.

For this unfortunate combination Signor Sonnino himself was not altogether to blame; having lost many of his most faithful followers, who, weary of waiting for office, had gone over to the enemy, he had been forced to seek support among men who had professed hostility to the existing order of things and thus to secure at least the neutrality of the Extreme Left and make the public realize that the reddest of Socialists, Radicals and Republicans may be tamed and rendered harmless by the offer of cabinet appointments.

He'd tamed his dark hair this morning and tied it back, his unwavering, red-hued eyes on her.

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The true monument of his ability was that he left England Character tamed and orderly, with an obedient people and a full of Henrys exchequer, though he had taken.

Species of mungoose (Herpestes), species of otter, Mustela erminea, and two ferrets, one of them with tortoise-shell marks, tamed by the Afghans to keep down vermin; a marten (M.

This species inhabits forests, and ascends hills to considerable elevations; it is shy and timid, but easily tamed even when adult.

Young foxes can be tamed to a certain extent, and do not then emit the well-known odour to any great degree unless excited.

He had defeated all enterprises by rivals against his throne; he had broken down the power of local chiefs, and tamed the refractory tribes; so that his orders were irresistible throughout the whole dominion.

Docile and easily tamed when young, old males of many of the species become exceedingly morose and savage in captivity.

Kids when caught young and fed on goat's milk can be readily tamed; and in the 16th century young tamed ibex were frequently driven to the mountains along with the goats, in whose company they would afterwards return.