Sentence Examples with the word talk

Maybe this is what he needed, especially after the disconcerting talk with Eden the prior day.

When I heard he was your father, I was so excited that I finally had a father-in-law that I could talk to.

After the anecdote the conversation broke up into insignificant small talk about the last and next balls, about theatricals, and who would meet whom, and when and where.

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He tried to talk and coughed bright red foam.

We'll talk when you cool off and get yourself together.

All these guys want to talk about is David Dean.

Gervais intervened with a joke, and the talk reverted to its former lively tone.

She was sick of hearing him talk about Alex as though he was a testosterone driven wild man.

He seemed eager to talk all night.

If your betrothed comes here now--there will be no avoiding a quarrel; but alone with the old man he will talk things over and then come on to you.