Sentence Examples with the word taking over

Corps coming in on the right, taking over the 32nd Div., and putting the ist into line on its left, with the 6th and 46th in support.

If it isn't the skunks and opossum killing the chickens, it's the weeds taking over the garden.

Anyway, I don't want anyone taking over the decision making for me.

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The university of Pittsburgh, established in 1908 by assembling the scattered departments of what was the Western University of Pennsylvania, and taking over 43 ac. near the Carnegie Institute for a campus, grew rapidly in its new location, and in 1920 numbered 4,979 students.

Sofi's skill relied mostly on reading the future of a specific soul by touching them, and he'd not let her within miles of a vamp since taking over her guardianship.

And the XIV., its front-line division (the 32nd) taking over the gallant Grenadier Bde., which had suffered very severely in the Cengio and Val Canaglia fighting, and the 33rd being held in second line till June 7, when it replaced the 32nd.

The greatest single material achievement of Mr Roosevelt's presidency was the taking over by the United States of the project to build a Panama Canal.

Five years later the Persians, who had been called in by the opponents of Christianity, succeeded in taking over the rule and in appointing governors over Yemen.

A few days after the publication of the Keate award Sir Henry Barkly, the British high commissioner, issued proclamations taking over Waterboer's territory under the title of Griqualand West (q.v.).

The state, in taking over the Failways, did not exercise sufficient care to see that the lines and the rolling stock were kept up to a proper state of efficiency and adequacy for the work they had t,o perform; while the step itself was taken somewhat hastily.