Sentence Examples with the word take to

Pullers appear to renounce pulling, refusers take to jumping and clumsy horses become nearly as handy as a trick horse in a circus.

On being told what had taken place, Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah with a vow that ere another day had passed his life would be even as the lives of the prophets of Baal, and the threat was enough to cause him to take to instant flight (xix.

The fuze was lighted and the crew of six were pushing off in their little motor skiff when the propellor was torn off by fouling the submarine, and they had to take to the oars.

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Mother will buy me lovely new aprons and dress to take to Boston.

We need to get to safety, and I don't have enough food to blow up the amount of trees it'll take to stop a herd of demons.

Brady checked the time and calculated how long it would take to reach the rendezvous point.

His first book, Contes a Ninon, appeared on the 24th of October 1864, and attracted some attention, and in January 1866 he determined to abandon clerking and take to literature.

Katie was thinking of how much whiskey it'd take to dull the edge of her headache when the phone rang.

He and the few men with him were compelled to take to the water; one was killed, another was drowned, Cushing and one other escaped, and the rest were captured.

The other centres of population are Shingeti, Wadan and Ujeft, Shingeti being the chief commercial centre, whence caravans take to St Louis gold-dust, ostrich feathers and dates.