Sentence Examples with the word take over

In response to this request, the British authorities decided to take over Basutoland, and a proclamation of annexation was issued on the 12th of March 1868.

Under the Isolation Hospitals Acts 1893 and 1901, a county council may provide for the establishment of isolation hospitals for the reception of patients suffering from infectious diseases on Hospi t a l s the application of any local authority within the county, or on the report of the medical officer of the county that hospital accommodation is necessary and has not been provided, or it may take over hospitals already provided by a local authority.

Crippling pain began to take over her mind and body.

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The government finally determined to take over these guaranteed lines from the foreign companies owning them, and a statement issued in October 1902 showed that 1335 m.

Much of these last has been destroyed, and threatened encroachment upon the remaining relics so far aroused public feeling that in 5905 it was decided that the Board of Works should take over these ruins, including the Bell Tower, from the town council, and enclose them as national relics.

The result was that Agrippa left Rome, ostensibly to take over the governorship of Syria - a sort of honourable exile; but as a matter of fact he only sent his legate to the East, while he himself remained at Lesbos.

And Mary to take over Mary's regency on account of her failing health.

Greene gassed everyone in the mountain and intended to take over the Peak and use it as a base of operations for his people to use as they took over the eastern half of the US.

The first Cuban congress met on the 5th of May 1902, prepared to take over the government from the American military authorities, which it did on the 10th of May.

This law might be evaded in special cases; the new admiral might not be sent to take over the command until some time after his election, which took place at midsummer (Beloch in Philologus, xliii.