Sentence Examples with the word take into account

When we take into account relative matter, however, and traces of a conception of abstraction as admitting of degree, 6 the question is not free from difficulty.

In attempting to account for the distribution of existing vegetation we must take into account palaeontological evidence.

When we take into account the other defect in the teaching of his predecessors that he sought in his Critique to correct.

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You could say they were used for leverage if the country trounced too far on our generosity or refused to take into account our national interest when they acted up.

The book is really a defence of the ancients against the moderns, and Girardin did not take into account the fact that only the best of ancient literature has come down to us.

The smoother we make the pulley the more nearly does the amount of useful work which the weight is capable of doing approach ro foot-pounds, and if we take into account the work done against the friction of the pulley, we may say that the work done by the descending weight is ro foot-pounds, and hence when the weight is in its elevated position we have at disposal r o foot-pounds more energy than when it is in the lower position.

It is very doubtful whether this was possible, and an impartial historian must take into account the insuperable difficulties encountered by the medieval popes in their efforts to stem the flood of fanaticism.

De Candolle, however, points out, exclusive reliance on this may be misleading unless we also take into account the character and affinities of the plants dealt with (Geogr.

The statistical contrasts are especially sharp and characteristic when we take into account the chronological sequence in the elaboration of laws.

A natural system must take into account the nature of the larva and of the metamorphosis in conjunction with the general characters of the imago.