Sentence Examples with the word tagged

We're picking up information in Maryland and we tagged where the family did in the Wassermann boys.

The most welcome appearance was probably from show-jumper Harvey Smith who even now seemed the epitome of the year he was tagged to.

He expected her to ditch him and run, but the car was tagged and could be tracked.

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I don't see how these calls could be tagged back to us.

The real celebration of Fred's release from jail didn't begin until the pair returned to Bird Song where Cynthia had baked a fresh apple pie, complete with vanilla ice cream, tagged on to the end of a healthy lunch.

Brutus followed, and the two calves tagged along awkwardly behind him.

Anderson would have a fit if you tagged along even if I were driving and you know it.

I GPS tagged my cousins' cell phones and wallets.

I tagged both with GPS and a speck of C4, so if you lose either, we can blow it up.

The remainder of the treatise, dealing cursorily with some of the topics more fully treated in the Human Nature and the Leviathan, has all the appearance of having been tagged in haste to the optical chapters (composed years before) a as This translation, Concerning Body, though not made by Hobbes, was revised by him; but it is far from accurate, and not seldom, at critical places (e.g.