Sentence Examples with the word taboo

The ripening coco-nuts are taboo as long as the breadfruit lasts, thus securing the former for future use; or it is put on after a death, and the nuts thus saved are given to the family - a kindness to them, and a mark of respect for the dead.

Was, for vicious and selfish reasons, to abolish taboo and idolatry throughout the islands.

Under taboo as late as 1819 women were to be put to death if they ate bananas, cocoa-nuts, pork, turtles or certain fish.

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Not without nervous dread - witness the special taboo to which the leader of society is subject - he draws near and strives to constrain, conciliate or cajole the awful forces with which the life of the group is set about.

In New Ireland a carved chalk figure of the deceased, indicating the sex, is procured, and entrusted to the chief of a village, who sets it up in a funeral hut in the middle of a large taboo house adorned with plants.

There were many curious examples of the taboo with regard to actions connected with royalty, and also in the words used which relate to Malagasy sovereigns and their surroundings.

In such cases the holiness or taboo (q.v.) is traditional, or anyhow not imparted at a given moment by human intervention.

Altogether, in mana we have what is par excellence the primitive religious idea in its positive aspect, taboo representing its negative side, since whatever has mana is taboo, and whatever is taboo has mana.

The privation involved in abstention from the flesh of the swine, a taboo hardly less widespread, is obvious.

On the one hand, since that which is tabooed is held to punish the taboo-breaker by a sort of mystic infection, taboo comes to stand for uncleanness and sin.