Sentence Examples with the word tableau

An interesting autobiographical sketch of his youth, Tableau du premier dge, composed in 1786, was published in 1888 in the review, La Revolution francaise.

When the states-general met, Marat's interest was as great as ever, and in June 1789 he published a supplement to his Offrande, followed in July by La constitution, in which he embodies his idea of a constitution for France, and in September by his Tableau des vices de la constitution d'Angleterre, which he presented to the Assembly.

See also Villemain, Tableau de la littrature francaise au XVIII e siecle; the abbe Trublet, Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la vie et des ouvrages de M.

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Klaproth's other works include: Reise in den Kaukasus and Georgien in den Jahren 1807 and 1808 (Halle, 1812-1814; French translation, Paris, 1823); Geographisch-historische Beschreibung des ostlichen Kaukasus (Weimar, 1814); Tableaux historiques de l'Asie (Paris, 1826); Memoires relatifs a l'Asie (Paris, 1824-1828); Tableau historique, geographique, ethnographique et politique de Caucase (Paris, 1827); and Vocabulaire et grammaire de la langue georgienne (Paris, 1827).

Ment, especially as a new edition was called for in 1790, the ornithological portion of which was begun by Bonnaterre, who, however, had only finished three hundred and twenty pages of it when he lost his life in the French Revolution; and the work thus arrested was continued by Vieillot under the slightly changed title of Tableau encyclopedique et methodique des trois regnes de la Nature - the Ornithologie forming volumes four to seven, and not completed till 1823.

Dean gave the tableau a wide berth as he continued back to Bird Song, whistling the entire trip.

His principal works were, Conspectus systematis ornithologiae, mastozologiae, erpetologiae et amphibologiae, Ichthyologiae (Leiden, 1850), Tableau des oiseaux-mouches (Paris, 1854), Ornithologie fossile (Paris, 1858).

He published two books on English history - Essai sur les causes qui, en 1649, amenerent en Angleterre l'etablissement de la republique (Paris, 1799), and Tableau politique des regnes de Charles II et Jacques II, derniers rois de la maison de Stuart (The Hague, 1818) - which contained much indirect criticism of the Directory and the Restoration governments.

Bjerknes, Niels Henrik Abel: Tableau de sa vie et son action scientifique (Paris, 1885); Lucas de Peslouan, Niels Henrik Abel (Paris, 1906).

It was reserved for Georges Cuvier, who in 1798 published at Paris his Tableau elementaire de l'histoire naturelle des ani-.