Sentence Examples with the word syrup

It's ham with a maple syrup and brown sugar glaze on it.

The syrup in the cistern is allowed to remain for about twelve hours, by which time the char will have absorbed all the colouring matter in it, as well as the lime.

The processes of manufacture have been improved by the introduction of specially constructed evaporators, and quantities of maple sugar and syrup are annually exported.

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The evaporation of the juice to syrup point.

The cistern being thus packed and settled is closed, and the syrup from the bag filters, heated up to nearly boiling point, is admitted at the top until the cistern is quite full.

The latter are circular or rectangular vessels, holding from 500 to 1500 gallons each, according to the capacity of the factory, and fitted with steam coils at the bottom and skimming troughs at the top. In them the syrup is quickly brought up to the boil and skimmed for about five minutes, when it is run off to the service tanks of the vacuum pans.

The clear, bright syrup coming from the bag filters passes to the charcoal cisterns or filters.

Maple sugar and syrup are made in those areas of the country where the sugar-maple tree flourishes.

His dark eyes were glowing, and syrup was on his face.

The alkaloid is obtained from an aqueous extract of tobacco by distillation with slaked lime, the distillate being acidified with oxalic acid, concentrated to a syrup and decomposed by potash.