Sentence Examples with the word syntax

Pushlu (less accurately Afghan), which has certainly been increasingly influenced by the neighboring Indian languages in inflexion, syntax and vocabulary, but is still at bottom a pure Iranian language, not merely intermediate between Iranian.

The peculiarities of syntax corroborate the impression made by such features of the vocabulary.

Save for the consequences of these phonetic changes, Umbrian morphology and syntax exhibit no divergence from Oscan that need be mentioned here, save perhaps two peculiar perfect-formations with -1- and -nci-; as in ampelust, fut.

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This is one of the many respects where Syriac has gained greater flexibility in syntax than Hebrew.

The same progress towards flexibility in syntax is seen in the copious supply of conjunctions possessed by Syriac. No doubt the tendency towards a more flowing construction of sentences was helped by the influence of Greek, which has also supplied a large stock of words to the Syriac vocabulary.

Paynator was the sire of Dr Syntax (1811), who had a celebrated daughter called Beeswing (1833), dam of Newminster by Touchstone.

The connexion of ideas is extremely loose, and even the syntax betrays great awkwardness.

Any teacher of composition knows that he can bring his pupils to the point of writing without errors in syntax or in the choice of words.

The Tasmanians spoke a fairly copious agglutinating language, well marked as to parts of speech, syntax and inflexion.

They therefore, when the corrector of the press had improved the syntax and the spelling, were well received.