Sentence Examples with the word synonym

By, some the term Polynesian has been treated as a synonym for Malayo-Polynesian, and has been made to include all the brown races of Malaysia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

But there is no doubt that as previously used it was merely a corrupt synonym for banneret, and not the name of any separate dignity.

The name is not therefore equally applicable to all psalms, and in the later Jewish ritual the synonym Hallel specially designates two series of psalms, cxiii.

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Since its foundation the society has done much to make English colonization a synonym for humane and generous treatment of savage races.

PREVARICATION, a divergence from the truth, equivocation, quibbling, a want of plain-dealing or straightforwardness, especially a deliberate misrepresentation by evasive answers, often used as a less offensive synonym for a lie.

Even in Protestant England, where purely secular training schools have reached their highest development, the generic title of Sister, alike prized by its holders and honoured by the public, remains the popular and professional synonym for head nurse, and perpetuates the old association.

The Thaumatoessidae include Thaumatoessa (Kroyer), established earlier than its synonym Thaumaleus (Kroyer), or than Monstrilla (Dana, 1849).

His name becomes little more than a synonym for the heavens in general and even his title as king or father of the gods has little of the personal element in it.

That this conception is very old is proved by the fact that even in the Pyramid texts the eye of Horus is a synonym for all offerings: an ancient tale.

They are accordingly often spoken of as the Calvinistic Churches, Protestant being sometimes used as a synonym for Lutheran.