Sentence Examples with the word sycamore

On the other side of the pool was the fallen sycamore tree where Alex had made his decision to buy the land adjoining hers.

Oaks, elms, hickory, honey-locusts, white ash, sycamore and willows, the rapid growing but miserable box-elder and cottonwood, are the most common trees.

The oak and sycamore in front of Birnam House, the famed twin trees of Birnam, are believed to be more than 1000 years old, and to be the remnant of the wood of Birnam which Shakespeare immortalized in Macbeth.

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She took off, noting where she entered the woods, and using a tall Sycamore tree as a trail marker.

The Sycamore tree that had fallen on it had been removed by Josh, Bill, Alex and Mr. Reynolds using a chain saw and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

The bleached skeleton of a huge old Sycamore tree lay near the creek.

In some cases, as sycamore or castor oil (fig.

The lobed shape of its leaf and its dense foliage caused it to be confused with the true sycamore - Ficus sycamorus - of scripture.

Mapel-treow, mapulder) and sycamore trees are species of Acer, of the order Acerineae.

On the Piedmont Plateau and in some of the more hilly and heavy-soil sections below the Fall Line there is some short-leaf pine, but most of the trees in these sections are of the hardwood varieties: deciduous oaks are most common, but beech, birch, ash, maple, black walnut, chestnut, sycamore and tulip trees also abound.