Sentence Examples with the word switchboard

The newscast gave no details of the shooting and a call to the hospital netted nothing but a tired sounding know-nothing switchboard operator.

Thousands and thousands of women were switchboard operators before direct dial phones were in use.

She must have cleared my call with the switchboard as I was put through directly, absent any underlings.

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At the outgoing end the circuits are multipled on the subscribers' switchboard, while at the incoming end they terminate in plugs on a special incoming junction switchboard upon which the subscribers' lines are multipled in the usual way.

In these circumstances, when, as frequently will be the case, the person calling desires to be put in communication with a subscriber who belongs to another section, connexions must be established in the office between the two sections; this necessitates additional switchboard arrangements, and also increases the time required to put subscribers in communication with one another.