Sentence Examples with the word switch

When he hit the master switch that bathed all the cars at once in light, he turned to watch her reaction.

While that conjecture made a nice pat story, it didn't answer who was now so concerned with forty-year-old happenings to switch the skeleton, steal a finger bone, offer a substantial price for a virtually worthless mine, and perhaps take a shot at visitors to the Lucky Pup.

It must have jumped the switch board.

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Each telephone set was equipped with a special key or switch by means of which the telephone could be transferred from an exclusive line to the call-wire at will.

Two receiving instruments, a siphon recorder and a mirror galvanometer, are shown; one only is absolutely necessary, but it is convenient Cable to have the galvanometer ready, so that in case of accident to the recorder it may be at once switched into circuit by the switch s.

This arrangement is still employed, a hook being attached to the switch lever so that the mere hanging up of the telephone puts the bell in circuit.

She offered to switch with Alex, but he declined and took the isle seat, with Destiny between them.

Here the gravelly desert is characterized by cushion plants, such as Anabasis aretioides; by switch plants, such as Retama Retam; and specially by spiny plants, such as Zizyphus Lotus and Zilla macropteris; whereas succulent plants are rare.

The illumination of the field is given by a lamp near the object glass, controlled by a switch near the micrometer.

She tensed, waiting for the flip to switch and him to grab her.