Sentence Examples with the word swiss canton

It rises at the upper or eastern extremity of the Swiss canton of the Valais, flows between the Bernese Alps (N.) and the Lepontine and Pennine Alps (S.) till it expands into the Lake of Geneva, winds round the southernmost spurs of the Jura range, receives at Lyons its principal tributary, the Saline, and then turns southward through France till, by many mouths, it enters that part of the Mediterranean which is rightly called the Golfe du Lion (sometimes wrongly the Gulf of Lyons).

Curia Raetorum, Romonsch Cuera), the capital of the Swiss canton of the Grisons.

MEIRINGEN, the principal village on the Hasle (or the upper Aar) valley in the Swiss canton of Bern.

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On issuing from the Lake of Constance at Constance, the Rhine flows nearly due west to Basel, where it leaves Swiss territory, the south bank during this portion of the river being entirely Swiss, save the town of Constance, but the north shore belongs to Baden, save in the case of the Swiss town of Stein-am-Rhein and the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen.

The Rhine rises in the mountains of the Swiss canton of the Grisons, and flows for 233 m.

ALTDORF, the capital of the Swiss canton of Uri.

LE LOCLE, a town in the Swiss canton of Neuchatel, 24 m.

LA CHAUX DE FONDS, a large industrial town in the Swiss canton of Neuchatel.

BADEN, a town in the Swiss canton of Aargau, on the left bank of the river Limmat, 14 m.

MELCHIOR GOLDAST AB HAIMINSFELD (1576-1635) Swiss writer, an industrious though uncritical collector of documents relating to the medieval history and Constitution of Germany, was born on the 6th of January 1576 (some say 1578), of poor Protestant parents, near Bischofszell, in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau.