Sentence Examples with the word swing

It was still light enough to see across the gorge when an opening in the trees allowed, but the long swing to the far end of valley was away from the direction the vehicle had driven and blocked from sight by the curve of the canyon.

The short-circuit key F is kept closed except when an observation is about to be made; its object is to arrest the swing of the d'Arsonval galvano 1 E.

For my part, I think that they had better metamorphose all such aspiring heroes of universal noveldom into man weather-cocks, as they used to put heroes among the constellations, and let them swing round there till they are rusty, and not come down at all to bother honest men with their pranks.

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Katie ducked again then twisted her hips in a perfect baseball batter.s swing and smacked her hard in the face.

She mounted again and watched him swing lithely into the saddle.

The hawser just held long enough to swing her bows round, and she got clear.

Small's swing plough and Andrew Meikle's threshing-machine, although invented some years before this, were now perfected and brought into general use, to the great furtherance of agriculture.

This appeared so unexpectedly that they were unprepared to take advantage of it at first, and allowed the rocky wall to swing around again before they had decided to pass over.

After doing some stretching exercises and setting his bike's trip odometer, he began, slowly at first, to swing into his rhythmic cadence of 70 revs per minute, maintaining the pace by shifting gears as the country hills rolled beneath his wheels.

In Japan, Germany, Austria, England and Russia horizontal pendulums of the von Rebeur-Paschwitz type are employed, which by means of levelling screws are usually adjusted to have a natural period or double swing of from 15 to 30 seconds.