Sentence Examples with the word swine

In general, water, cows' urine and blood of swine are the materials used in ablutions.

The Jews are forbidden to eat animals other than cloven-footed ruminants; thus the camel, coney, hare and swine were forbidden; so also any water organisms that had not fins and scales, and a large choice of birds, including swan, pelican, stork, heron and hoopoe.

Large herds of swine fatten in the oak and beech forests; and dairy-farming is a thriving industry in the highlands between Agram and Warasdin, where, during the last years of the icth century, systematic attempts were made to replace the mountain pastures by clover and sown grass.

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Horse and mule breeding are carried on to a limited extent, and since the opening of the far South more attention has been given to sheep. Goats and swine are raised in small numbers on the large estates, but in Chiloe swine-raising is one of the chief occupations of the people.

Goats are mostly bred in the mountainous districts all along the Spanish side of the Pyrenees froth Biscay to Catalonia, and in Badajoz, Cceres, Ciudad Real, Granada and Leon; swine in Badajoz, Lugo, Oviedo, Cceres and Corunna.

The Suidae are divisible into the true Old World swine (Suinae) and the American peccaries (Dicotylinae).

Word of the same meaning, bigge), a common name given to the domesticated swine of agricultural use.

From those of all Old World swine or Suinae, the upper canines, or tusks, differ in having their points directed downwards, not outwards or The Collared Peccary (Dicotyles tajacu).

They were first given boiled, but afterwards the swine came to eat them raw, and would run after the carts, and pull them forth as they gathered them - an expression which conveys an idea of their being cultivated in the fields.

Sir Richard Weston must have cultivated turnips before this; for Blith says that Sir Richard affirmed to himself that he fed his swine with them.