Sentence Examples with the word sweater

He went through one of Andre's two walk-in closets, choosing a maroon sweater and chocolate suede pants.

She grasped the sweater to her lips with both hands and moaned.

But all his disappointments, if not forgotten, at least were put on hold when he qualified for a Varsity letter and the right to wear the maroon sweater of the Parkside Bulldogs.

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She was scared to death I'd blackmail her with the picture I took of her sweater in Dickinson Faust's Jeep.

He donned biking clothes, packed a jacket and sweater in his pannier and set off in pursuit of a few peaceful moments in one of his favorite worlds.

He pulled off his sweater then dropped back onto the sparring mat, focusing hard on calming himself down.

Dean thought about the pictures, especially the one of Dickinson Faust standing next to his Jeep, with the woman's sweater hanging over the seat.

He strode to his walk-in closet and snatched a sweater and boots.

Randy Byrne was dressed in jeans and sweater and seemed at ease around adults, more so than most his age.

I think he blames me because he ruined a sweater when he got shot today.