Sentence Examples with the word suspiciously

Pushing each other aside, they buried their beaks in the water and lifted their heads, eyeing her suspiciously as the water trickled down their throats.

Rhyn asked suspiciously as Kiki started toward the arched door beside the portcullis.

She searched his face suspiciously but there was no leer in his expression.

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He nodded, eyeing her suspiciously for a moment.

Do I smell ginger? suspiciously asked Stubb, coming near.

The general tendency of Abelard's thought was suspiciously regarded by contemporary orthodoxy; 2 and the over-subtlety of the last-mentioned distinction provoked vehement replies from orthodox mystics of the age.

Dean dreamed of white-dressed hookers smiling and calling to a line of seven little miners who looked suspiciously like Snow White's benefactors.

It looked suspiciously like the warehouse district near the Annapolis port, and she smelled the sea on the air.

Destiny watched her suspiciously throughout her cooking frenzy and helped her set the table with Mom's china.

Alex eyed the man suspiciously as he said goodbye and walked away.