Sentence Examples with the word suspicious

Dionysius was regarded by the ancients as a type of the worst kind of despot - cruel, suspicious and vindictive.

But his failings of mind were exacerbated by his bodily infirmities; he grew more and more whimsical and capricious, morbidly suspicious and morbidly parsimonius; old friends were estranged or removed by death, and new friends did not come forward in their place.

It is undoubtedly the case that they are suspicious of strangers and defiant of interference.

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He kicked sand away from a suspicious mound and found an empty box.

Maybe so, but she didn't want to be a nosy suspicious wife.

The situation in Piedmont was far from promising, the exchequer was empty, the army disorganized, the country despondent and suspicious of the king.

The coming of the Child draws Eastern sages to his cradle and fills the court of Herod with suspicious fears.

Ancient accounts agree in describing Alexander as a typically cruel and suspicious tyrant.

Most people saved that look for his mother while casting uncertain or suspicious looks at the masked child who followed her dutifully through the city.

Treated her with great kindness and consideration, and protected her from the suspicious attentions of the powers of the Grand Alliance.