Sentence Examples with the word susceptible

Indeed, any low-growing herbaceous plant, susceptible of minute division, is suitable for an edging.

Mangels are sown earlier and have a longer period of growth than turnips; if they become well established in the summer they are less susceptible to autumn drought.

Alumina itself is so refractory that it cannot be melted save by the oxyhydrogen blowpipe or the electric arc, and except in the molten state it is not susceptible of decomposition by any chemical reagent.

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But the questions proper to the new day came swiftly upon his quick and susceptible mind - enlarged, deepened and developed it.

After he recovered from the stabbing, the Doctor said he had scar tissue and would be susceptible to pneumonia in the injured lung.

It is to be noted that children, who are particularly susceptible to the influence of certain of the other potent alkaloids, such as morphine and strychnine, will take relatively large doses of atropine without ill-effect.

That local taxation as a whole, though susceptible of some redistribution, is neither immoderate nor burdensome.

By opsonic action is meant the effect which a serum has on bacteria in making them more susceptible to phagocytosis by the white corpuscles of the blood.

Animal may be readily susceptible to a disease on experimental inoculation, and yet rarely or never suffer from it naturally, because the necessary conditions of infection are not supplied in nature.

Sometimes it is almost pasty, and crumbles to powder when dried, so as to be susceptible of use as a pigment, forming the colour known as Cologne earth, which resembles umber or sepia.