Sentence Examples with the word sus

De Zamacois, Historia de Mexico desde sus tiempos mas remotos hasta nostras dias, 19 vols.

Madoz was distinguished from most of the politicians of his generation by the fact that in middle life he compiled what is still a book of value - a geographical, statistical and historical dictionary of Spain and its possessions oversea, Diccionario geogra Pico, estadistico y historico de Espana, y sus posesiones de Ultramar (Madrid, 1848-1850).

Bullon Fernandez, Jaime Balmis y sus oberas (Madrid, 1903).

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When, as is the case among nearly all existing mammals with the exception of the members of the genera Sus (pigs), Gymnura (ratshrew), Talpa (moles) and Myogale (desmans) the number of teeth is reduced below the typical forty-four, it appears to be an almost universal rule that if one of the incisors is missing it is the second, or middle one, while the premolars commence to disappear from the front end of the series and the molars from the hinder end.

Orsi de Mombello, Venezuela y sus riquezas (Caracas, 1890); H.

Some doubt exists whether the pygmy hog of the Nepal Terai, which is not much larger than a hare, is best regarded as a member of the typical genus, under the name of Sus salvanius or as representing a genus by itself, with the title Porcula salvania.

Under the Arabs the growth and manufacture of the cane spread far and wide, from India to Sus in Morocco (Edrisi, ed.

Having attacked the regent Espartero and been exiled he founded and edited on his return the El Pensamiento de la Nacion, a Catholic and Conservative weekly; but his fame rests principally on El Protestantismo comparado con el Catolicismo en sus relaciones con la Civilisation Europea (3 vols., 1842-1844, 6th edition, 1879; Eng.

Raimondi, El Departamento de Ancachs y sus riquezas minerales (Lima, 1873); G.

See also C. Canal, San Isidoro, exposition de sus obras e indicaciones a cerca de la influencia que han ejercido en la civilization espanola (Seville, 1897).