Sentence Examples with the word survive

When he had become a little quieter, he explained to Rostov that he was living with his mother, who, if she saw him dying, would not survive it.

The local fueros of the various districts slowly yielded before the superior force of imperialism; and only those of Navarre and the Basque provinces (see Basques) have had sufficient vitality to enable them to survive to comparatively modern times.

In Russia, too, certain reforms were carried out; but they could not survive the suspicious interference of the autocrat and his officials.

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It is admitted that few traces remain of direct relations of the Greek goddess to the moon, although such possibly survive in the epithets 7raat4 ads, dcrmpla, oupavla.

It is a not uncommon theory that the fairies survive in legend from prehistoric memories of a pigmy people dwelling in the subterranean earth-houses, but the contents of these do not indicate an age prior to the close of the Roman occupation of Britain; nor are pigmy bones common in neolithic sepulchres.

The name Caledonia is said to survive in 1 This, not Grampius, is the proper spelling, though Grampius was at one time commonly accepted and indeed gave rise to the modern name Grampian.

Cabot's colony at San Espiritu did not long survive his departure; an attempt of the chief of the Timbus to gain possession of one of the Spanish ladies of the settlement led to a treacherous massacre of the garrison.

I don't think our friendship will survive what is coming.

It isn't like they couldn't survive without her contribution to the income.

He founded an order of chivalry, the Ordre du Croissant, which was anterior to the royal foundation of St Michael, but did not survive Rene.