Sentence Examples with the word surveillance

He was placed under surveillance at Nancy, and later at Halberstadt and Frankfort-on-Main.

Aurelius gave to masters an action against their slaves for any cause of complaint, thus bringing their relation more directly under the surveillance of law and public opinion.

The picture of Deidre almost made him throw the iPad, but he forced himself to flip through the various surveillance pictures Rhyn's Immortals had collected.

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It was teeming with vamps, and he'd set up several Guardians around the country club to conduct surveillance on the vamps' activities.

Some tracts of frontier territory are detached from the various regions and entrusted to political residents, as, for instance, on the Sudan frontier and also on the Abyssinian boundary, where strict surveillance is necessary to repress raiding incursions from Tigre, and where the chief intelligence department is established.

Under the influence of the July revolution of 1830, however, he also began to be drawn into the current of reaction; and though he still declared himself openly against absolutism, and never took up such a hostile attitude towards constitutional ideas as his brother-in-law King Frederick William IV., he allowed the reactionary system of surveillance which commended itself to the German Confederation after 1830 to be introduced into Bavaria (see Bavaria: History).

Was brought from his first place of detention, Savona, to Fontainebleau, where he was kept under surveillance in the hope that he would give way in certain matters relating to the Concordat and in other clerical affairs.

Jonny had assigned her a surveillance team in his own home.

In short, Americans were hospitably received and very well treated by the government and the people; despite some formalities and ostensible surveillance there was no oppression whatever.

I'm under surveillance and my secure lines might not be so secure anymore.