Sentence Examples with the word surreptitiously

In 1776 some specimens of Schiller's lyric poetry had appeared in a magazine, and in1777-1778he completed his drama, Die Rduber, which was read surreptitiously to an admiring circle of schoolmates.

Betsy and Martha surreptitiously scoured the media for results, in spite of our agreement not to do so.

The Museum of Fine Arts at Boston also obtained in 1914 a masterpiece surreptitiously excavated and smuggled out of Crete, an exquisite gold and ivory statuette of the snake goddess or her votary.

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The inadequate number of steaks was surreptitiously replaced with hamburgers after the women were talked into staying for dinner.

When his purpose became known to the Masons, Morgan was subjected to frequent annoyances, and finally in September 1826 he was seized and surreptitiously conveyed to Fort Niagara, whence he disappeared.

A letter to Voltaire on his poem about the Lisbon earthquake embittered the dislike between the two, being surreptitiously published.

In recent years attempts have been made by Albanians resident abroad to propagate the national idea among their compatriots at home; committees have been formed at Brussels, Bucharest, Athens and elsewhere, and books, pamphlets and newspapers are surreptitiously sent into the country.