Sentence Examples with the word surmount

When by the aid of man they surmount these, they often dominate with unexpected vigour the native vegetation amongst which they are colonists.

It lies in a pleasant undulating district near the foot of the Lickey Hills, to surmount which the railway towards Birmingham here ascends for 2 m.

In the heyday of his youth his high spirits and passion for adventure enabled him to surmount every obstacle with elan.

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The more resistant rocks, even though dissected by Tertiary erosion, retain in their summit tiplands an indication of the widespread peneplain of Cretaceous tinie, now standing at the altitude given to it by the Tertiary upwarping and post-Tertiary uplift; and the most resistant rocks surmount the Cretaceous peneplain as unconsumed monadnocks of the Mesozoic cycle.

The two sections are also unlike in that residual eminences still here and there surmount the peneplain of the northern section, while the fluviatile plain of the central section completely buried the pre-existent relief.

Above the water, and two steam lifts, Katarina-Hissen and Maria-Hissen, surmount them.

Many of the Ecaudata have remnants of oviducts, or Miillerian ducts, most developed in Bufo, which genus is also remarkable as possessing a problematic organ, Bidder's organ, situated between the testis and the adipose or fat-bodies that surmount it.

It was not till more than half a century later that an American, Sylvester Marsh, employed the rack system for the purpose of enabling trains to surmount steep slopes on the Mount Washington railway, where the maximum gradient was nearly 1 in 22.

Richelieu had been able to surmount these difficulties because he governed in the name of a king of full age, and against isolated adversaries; while Mazarin had the latter against Richelicu him in a coalition which had lasted ten years, with aria, the further disadvantages of his foreign origin and a royal minority at a time when every one was sick of government by ministers.

His was evidently an intensely spiritual nature, and in addition to the qualities which go to form a strong man of action he must have possessed an enthusiasm which enabled him to surmount all difficulties.