Sentence Examples with the word surge

He smelled Katie.s, too, and was unable to quell the surge of lust that ran through him.

Jackson enjoyed the surge of power a vampire garnered from turning a human, but having to snack carefully on one person for days on end, always running the risk of killing them, took all the fun out of feeding for him.

Sunday morning broke with a surge of nervous excitement as 2,000 cyclists oozed out of Cortez, Colorado, bound for their first day's destination 46 miles distant.

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A window air conditioning unit hummed, and when he opened the door to the apartment, a surge of cool air invited them in.

He couldn't control the surge of adrenaline he experienced whenever he thought of sinking his teeth into his father's neck and draining his life from him, the way his father drained his mother's life.

She unzipped the bag and climbed out, realizing with a surge of blood to her face that she was still scanty clad in her shorts and halter-top.

She stiffened briefly as she realized what had happened, but before she could even raise a hand to resist; his venom had produced a surge of euphoria.

A'Ran was gone indefinitely for a surge operation in his war, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

She glanced down at her wrinkled nightclothes and felt a scarlet wave surge up her neck.

A quick surge of ill-feeling, all the bitterer on account of the divided sentiments of the people, chilled loyalty to the Union.