Sentence Examples with the word surely

You surely did not expect to see that Asiatic capital.

He could lie and tell them he was a police officer or sheriff and maybe squeeze some tidbit of information about recently released mom Patsy, but surely Fitzgerald would find out and tank his election ambitions, if those aspirations weren't already six feet under.

Not only so, but this mapping of the brain in areas of function now often enables the clinical physician to determine the position of disease; in a certain few cases of tumour or abscess, so precisely that he may be enabled to open the skull above the part affected and to extirpate it - operations which are surely a triumph of science and technical skill (Lister, W.

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Yet, while Sweden was surely ripening into the dominating power of northern Europe, Denmark had as surely entered upon a period of uninterrupted and apparently incurable decline.

She felt she'd been a good sport since entering the immortal world, but she knew she'd never fit into a world where her sister surely would.

So surely did he feel its approach that some time before the end he sent all his papers over to Sir Gilbert Elliot, who kept them under seal until claimed by Mirabeau's executors.

If Liberia is a state, the same may surely be said of Canada.

If the Indians were renegades, surely they wouldn't want to take the time to track only two people - not with the cavalry on their trail.

Yet it has its law to which it thunders obedience when it should as surely as the buds expand in the spring.

If the inherent energy of the principle of population (supposed everywhere the same) is measured by the rate at which numbers increase under the most favourable circumstances, surely the force of less favourable circumstances, acting through prudential or altruistic motives,, is measured by the great difference between this maximum rate and those which are observed to prevail in most European countries.