Sentence Examples with the word supplies

At the old house Katie retrieved some supplies for Carmen while Bill assessed the damage.

And Henry IV., the right of ppropriating the supplies granted to special objects; and with ore difficulty they obtained, in 1666, the appointment of a commission empowered to investigate irregularities in the issue of moneys.

But the case is obviously different where a plant dies because some essential organ or tissue tract has been destroyed, and other parts have suffered because supplies are cut offe.g.

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Acacia formosa supplies the valuable Cuba timber called sabicu.

A neutral government is bound - (i) to use due diligence to prevent the fitting out, arming or equipping within its jurisdiction of any vessel, which it has reasonable ground to believe is intended to cruise or to carry on war against a power with which it is at peace, and also to use like diligence to prevent the departure from its jurisdiction of any vessel intended to cruise or carry on war as above, such vessel having been specially adapted, in whole or in part, within such jurisdiction, to warlike use; (2) not to permit or suffer either belligerent to make use of its ports or waters as the base of naval operations against the other, or for the purpose of the renewal or augmentation of military supplies or arms or the recruitment of men; (3) to exercise due diligence in its own ports and waters, and as to all persons within its jurisdiction to prevent any violation of the foregoing obligation and duties.

Like these they require water, small but indispensable quantities of salts of potassium, magnesium, sulphur and phosphorus, and supplies of carbonaceous and nitrogenous materials in different stages of complexity in the different cases.

At the diet of Buda, early in 1444, supplies were voted for the enterprise, and Wladislaus was on the point of quitting his camp at Szeged for the seat of war, when envoys from Sultan Murad arrived with the offer of a ten years' truce on such favourable conditions (they included the relinquishment of Servia, Walachia and Moldavia, and the payment of an indemnity) that Hunyadi persuaded the king to conclude (in July) a peace which gave him more than could reasonably be anticipated from the most successful campaign.

He finds, for example, from the diagram that the initial leakage of 2000 gallons an hour has in the course of a 41 hours' night inspection fallen to 400 gallons an hour, and that the 1600 gallons an hour is accounted for by Distribution The earliest water supplies in Great Britain were generally distributed at low pressure by wooden pipes or stone or brick conduits.

The Brahma creed was definitively formulated as follows: - (1) The book of nature and intuition supplies the basis of religious faith.

It voted some supplies on the understanding that, when the Th king had matured his plans for carrying on the war, French it should come together in the autumn to vote the alliance.