Sentence Examples with the word sunlight

Midmorning sunlight streamed in through the large windows at the rear of the study.

The methods of bleaching by oxygen include all those which aim at the bleaching by exposure to the air and to sunlight (as in the case of artists' linseed-oil), or where oxygen or ozone is introduced in the form of gas or is evolved by chemicals, as manganese dioxide, potassium bichromate or potassium permanganate and sulphuric acid..

The finished cigars are either spread out in the sunlight to be dried, or exposed to a gentle heat.

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His pupils were contracted by the bright sunlight and his light green eyes contrasted sharply with his bronze tan.

An energy crop could be a permanent forest of trees that convert sunlight to liquid fuel and deliver the fuel directly through their roots to a network of underground pipelines.

The Scandinavian data, from the wealth of observations, are probably the most representative, and even in the most northern district of Scandinavia the smallness of the excess of the frequencies in December and January over those in March and October suggests that some influence tending to create maxima at the equinoxes has largely counterbalanced the influence of sunlight and twilight in reducing the frequency at these seasons.

As the garage door lifted, sunlight reflected off the polish she and her siblings had applied that last day of their lives.

When the grain in the ear is about half developed the straw is pulled up by the roots, dried in the sun, and subsequently spread out for several successive days to be bleached under the influence of alternate sunlight and night-dews.

But roses only bloom in summer; whereas the fine carnation of their cheeks is perennial as sunlight in the seventh heavens.

It was the sunlight streaming in at the entrance to the passage.